Breakthrough Session

Uncovering what is preventing you from attaining your business goals

Thank you for considering scheduling a conversation to uncover why you have not accomplished your desired goals. To maximize our brief time together, your response to a few questions in the attached form is all that is required to schedule a date and time, pending availability.

This session is mutually beneficial.  I want to make sure that you take away valuable insights no matter what. There are no expectations beyond this purpose. As I selectively work with a small number of women entrepreneurs, these breakthrough sessions also serve as a form of personalized marketing.

Where applicable, I provide a professional recommendation to help you move forward with your goal(s)s which may or may not include my area of expertise. The issue you are experiencing may not be one that I can help you solve.

Please complete the form below to request a session. I will then contact you to book our conversation. Be prepared to invest approximately 45 to 60 minutes of your time free of interruptions.

I look forward to meeting you, Lynn!

Breakthrough Session
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